Workspace ONE Intelligence Products Data Definitions

Definitions for data displayed and used in Workspace ONE Intelligence products are helpful for creating automations and reports and for analyzing dashboard widgets.

What is a Normalized data field in the UI?

In Workspace ONE Intelligence, there are some data fields tagged as Normalized. The tag identifies that Workspace ONE Intelligence has taken data and reformatted it for ease of use. It also identifies that a Normalized data field is different from a non-normalized field.

The Intelligence UI taggs data as Normalized to distinguish it from data that might have the same label but is from a different system.

An example of a data field that might get identified as Normalized is a severity level security field. The severity of an event represents the level of risk that an event poses. Not all systems label severity levels the same. Some systems might label levels of severity as High, Medium, and Low while others might use Green, Yellow, and Red.

Intelligence makes the severity levels normal or more equal, and you can now compare severity levels because the system mapped the related severity labels.

  • High maps to Red
  • Medium maps to Yellow
  • Low maps to Green

As far as the actual data, nothing changed from previous Intelligence releases. Intelligence is using the Normalized tag to identify and distinguish data so that you can interact with the data from different systems to make dashboards, automations, and reports.

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