VMware Horizon Integration

Integrate VMware Horizon Cloud and Workspace ONE Intelligence to gain visibility across your Horizon deployment that includes your virtual desktops, physical desktops, apps data, and app health insights. This integration ingests and displays Horizon analytics in a centralized location in Workspace ONE Intelligence. Use Intelligence dashboards and reports to view and analyze the health of your Horizon deployment.

Documentation for other Workspace ONE components

See the documentation sites for VMware Horizon Cloud Service and VMware Cloud services to get information about the tasks listed in the prerequisites.


Meet the prerequisites so that you have an option to connect the Horizon Cloud Service in the Workspace ONE Intelligence console. If you do not meet the listed prerequisites, the Workspace ONE Intelligence does not display a card for Horizon Cloud in the Integrations area.

  • Use VMware Horizon Enterprise with a Horizon Universal Subscription.
  • Connect your Horizon Enterprise to Horizon Cloud and the Horizon Cloud Connector.
  • Activate the Cloud Monitoring Service for your VMware Horizon pods connected to Horizon Cloud.
  • Have a Workspace ONE account associated to VMware Cloud services.

Connect Horizon Cloud in Intelligence

Authorize your Horizon Cloud Service system to connect to Workspace ONE Intelligence. Start the process in Workspace ONE Intelligence.

Record the URL of your Horizon Universal Console because you must enter it for authorization.


  1. In Workspace ONE Intelligence, go to Integrations > Inbound Connectors > Horizon Cloud.
  2. Select Set Up > Get Started.
  3. On the Authorization Details tab, enter the URL for your Horizon Universal Console in the Authorized URI text field. The system navigates to the URL so you can log in to the Horizon Universal Console. 
    • The URL format is https://<HCS FQDN>/horizonadmin.
    • Example: https://cloud.horizon.vmware.com/horizonadmin.
  4. In the Horizon Universal Console, enter your My VMware Credentials and Login.
    Enter your My VMware Credentials in the Horizon Universal Console so you can connect your Horizon Cloud environment with Workspace ONE Intelligence.
  5. Next, the Horizon Universal Console prompts you for your Active Directory Credentials. Enter your credentials.
  6. Select Accept to send data to Workspace ONE Intelligence, to complete registration, and to begin the flow of data from Horizon Cloud to Workspace ONE Intelligence.
    The system prompts you to accept to send and display your Horizon data to Intelligence.

Access Horizon Cloud data in Intelligence dashboards

Find dashboards for your Horizon integration in Workspace ONE Intelligence at Dashboard > Intelligence Dashboards > Horizon Monitoring.

  • The overview dashboard for Horizon Monitoring shows available locations, deployments, pods, and pools. The key metrics for sessions and users on the overview dashboard include Total Sessions, Active Sessions, Users, and Impacted Users.
    View the Horizon Monitoring overview dashboard in Workspace ONE Intelligence to see all your Horizon locations, deployments, pods, and pools.
  • Intelligence displays more Horizon data in the listed widgets located under the overview.
    • Sessions - This widget displays active, idle, and disconnected sessions broken down across all deployments. Also in this widget, you can click on a tree map to drill down in to a specific pod or pool.
    • Sessions Over Time - This widget displays active, idle, and disconnected sessions trending over time.
    • Connections - This widget breaks down the protocols, client types, and access types by active user connections.
    • Users - This widget displays distributions of users against pods or pools, and it lists users impacted by protocol, latency, and logon performance.
    • Utilization - This widget shows overall resource use of your Horizon pods aggregated by deployment type.
  • The Horizon Cloud Custom dashboards allow you to create your own widgets using Horizon data. Admins can share these dashboards with colleagues and other business teams.

Access Horizon Cloud data in Intelligence reports

You can create custom reports based on raw data collected by Workspace ONE Intelligence from your Horizon deployment. Reports are useful for mitigating issues, driving business decisions, and sharing information with other departments.

How do you access the Intelligence console from Horizon?

After you have integrated Horizon and Intelligence, you can access the Workspace ONE Intelligence console from the Horizon Universal Console through VMware Cloud Services.

  1. Log in to the Horizon Universal Console console with your My VMware Credentials.
  2. Enter your Active Directory Credentials.
  3. In the Horizon Universal Console, go to Monitor > Dashboard.
  4. On the Dashboard page, go to the Actionable Insights and Analytics section and select Launch Intelligence.
    The system navigates to the VMware Cloud services console.
  5. In the VMware Cloud services console, select the applicable User/Organization settings in the top right so that you can see your organization's available services.
  6. Select the Workspace ONE card in your available Services.

You are now in Workspace ONE Intelligence. You can view the Horizon Monitoring dashboard in the Dashboards area.

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