Digital Employee Experience for VMware Horizon

Workspace ONE Intelligence displays VMware Horizon experience analytics in the Experience Management area (formerly known as DEEM). Use this data to understand the overall experience of your Horizon deployments and to take actions to improve or fix your users’ experiences.


Consider these Horizon for Experience Management behaviors when you use this feature. - If you have an applicable license, purchase the add-on SKU, and have integrated Horizon and Intelligence, Intelligence automatically displays an activation menu-item for Horizon telemetry in Experience Management. - Wait at most four hours after activating Horizon for Experience Management before viewing Horizon telemetry. The system takes this time to receive data and to calculate scores for your Horizon environment. - Currently, there is no process to deactivate Horizon for Experience Management.


Before you use Horizon for Experience Management, meet the listed requirements.

  • Connect your Horizon deployment to Horizon Cloud and have Horizon Cloud manage the deployment.
  • Use one of the listed Horizon subscription licenses.
    • Horizon Universal subscription
    • Horizon Apps Universal subscription
    • Horizon Apps Standard subscription
  • Purchase the Workspace ONE Experience Analytics for Horizon add-on SKU.
  • Integrate your VMware Horizon system with Workspace ONE Intelligence. For details, access VMware Horizon Integration.

How do you activate Horizon for Experience Management?

Activate the use of Horizon telemetry in Experience Management. 1. In Workspace ONE Intelligence, go to Marketplace > Solutions > Experience Management. 1. Activate Enable Virtual on the Experience Management solution page.
Wait at most four hours before interacting with Horizon telemetry so that the system can receive data and calculate experience scores.

What data does Horizon for Experience Management provide?

The Horizon for Experience Management system provides various telemetry data. - Logon Experience scores - Network/Protocol scores - Organization Experience scores - User Experience scores - VM Performance scores

How do you control thresholds for Horizon telemetry?

You can control the system’s tolerance when calculating experience scores by tuning Thresholds.

Notes: - After you change a threshold, wait at most four hours for the system to calculate the new, incoming data with the edited threshold values. - The new threshold values do not impact the scores the system has previously calculated.


  1. In Workspace ONE Intelligence, go to Workspace > Experience Management > Experience Score.
  2. Select the gear icon and then the Thresholds tab to view experience scores for Virtual Session and for Virtual Experience.
  3. You can customize the experience score thresholds by entering values directly in the value boxes above the green, yellow, and red threshold bars.
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