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Integration between Workspace ONE Intelligence and Pradeo Security involves copying generated data from the Workspace ONE Intelligence console and adding it to your Pradeo administrator portal. This action authorizes Workspace ONE Intelligence to ingest threat intelligence data from Pradeo Security and to display it for analysis.

This integration works for Android and iOS platforms.


Before you can use this Trust Network integration, integrate your Pradeo and your Workspace ONE UEM environments. Access Pradeo enriches VMware Workspace ONE with Mobile Threat Intelligence.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Intelligence console, go to Integrations > Pradeo > Set Up > Get Started. To access previously entered credentials, select to Edit Pradeo.
  2. Enter an email on the Network Partner Setup Details tab.
  3. In the Network Partner Credentials tab, copy the generated information and add them to your Pradeo Security administrator portal.

    • Integration Token
    • Hostname
    • Port
  4. To finish the configuration, select Done.

What to do next

To view data for this service, use widgets on My Dashboards or view data in the Threats Summary module in Security Risk > Threats. You can create an automation Workflows to act on Trust Network data.