Roles-based access control lets you restrict the target audience that is managed in admin roles in Hub Services. When you restrict the target audiences to a specific type of audience, admins are granted permission to send notification only to that target audience.

When an admin creates a notification in the Notification Builder, the Notification Builder only shows the target audience types and groups that are granted to this admin group. They can also view and take actions on notification sent to the custom target audience types.

When adding an admin group to a notifications role, you can select Organization groups, Workspace ONE Access User groups, Smart groups, and platform as target audience types. For each audience type, you can either grant admins full access to all members of that audience, or you can configure a custom access and select specific groups in the target audience that can receive notifications. For example, you can grant the global communications team Full Access to send notifications to all organization groups in your company and grant the United States communications team Custom Access to sending notification only to organization groups in the United States.

List of target audience options when setting up an admin in Hub Services


Identify the user groups in the Workspace ONE Access services to assign to the admin roles.


  1. Navigate to the Hub Services console Home page.
  2. Click Admin Roles.
  3. In the Admin Roles page, click ADD NEW ADMIN.
    Hub Services Adding an Admin User
  4. Enter the Workspace ONE Access group name in the search box to select the user group and select the Notification role to assign.
    Selecting RBAC roles for Hub Services admin screen
  5. In the Change Target Audience section, click Edit.
    By default, all target audiences are enabled with full access. You can deactivate any of the target audience types. You can change Full Access to Custom Access and enter the specific target audience name for custom access.
    • Full Access grants admins full permissions to all groups or platforms in the target audience type. For Workspace ONE Access user groups, this included All Employees as a group and for Smart Groups, this includes All Devices as a group.
    • Custom Access gives super admins the ability to select one or more groups or platforms to assign. The super admin can select All Employees or All Devices as an audience type option when they enable Custom Access.
    To customize the target audience settings, deactivate the Access toggle for audiences you do not want in this role. To set up the notification role for a specific audience type, select Custom Access and enter the group name or platform.
    Target Audience option when creating an admin in Hub Services
  6. Click DONE.
  7. Click Add.