The chatbot personality for Hub Assistant is approachable and friendly. The goal for Hub Assistant is to help employees reach solutions quickly.

Most responses are written in a simple and clear manner. You can tweak the personality of the chatbot to match your company's culture and values.

Hub Assistant only addresses issues that the virtual assistant knows about. The virtual assistant cannot give answers about topics that it is not trained to answer.

Table 1. Sample Dialogues with the Hub Assistant
User Ask of the Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistant Reply
Create a ticket. Sure! What type of ticket would you like to create. Here are some options: HR | IT |Policy
My mac is blinking yellow all the time. I am afraid I don't understand. Do you mean to do one of these? Create an IT ticket | View previous tickets.
What is the weather tomorrow? I'm afraid I can't help with that. Here are some things I can help you with:

Create a ticket | Order a Device | and so on.