You can create notification templates that you can use to create custom notifications quickly. Using a notification template let you standardize the message format for notifications. Notification templates that you save are listed on the Notification template page. You can edit and delete notification templates.

When you select a notification template to use, you can customize the content, select the target audience, and set the notification priority. When you send the notification, the customized notification is added to the list of notifications sent on the Notifications page. The template is not changed.

For more information about notifications, see Using Hub Notifications Service in Workspace ONE Hub Services.

Create a Notification Template

You can create a new notification template or you can save an existing notification as a notification template.

  1. To create a notification template, navigate to the Hub Services Notifications page, click New and then click Create Template.

    To create a notification from a notification in the Notification list, in the Action column of the notification, click the three dots menu and select Save as notification template.

  2. Enter the name and a description of the template. Click Next.
  3. In the Content page, select the type of notification, Actionable or Informational and set up the content of the notification.

    If you selected to save a notification as a template, the Content page is configured. You can edit the page.

    1. Configure the content of the message.
      Option Description
      Icon By default, the Intelligent Hub default image displays in the notification. You can upload an image file or enter a URL link to the image. Upload JPG, PNG, or GIF file that is 40px by 40px for best results. The file size cannot exceed 30 KB.

      The Image URL link can be to a JPG, PNG, or GIF file that is 96px by 96px. The file size cannot exceed 30 KB.

      If the URL link does not display, see How to Set Up Your Web URL to Display in an iFrame in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Custom tab on the Web Portal

      Title Enter a title that describes the notification topic
      Subtitle Optional
      Media Type (optional) You can add an image or video to the banner section of the notification.

      Add the complete link address of the image. For example,

      To display a video in the notification banner, paste the video embedded code

      Description Type the notification message in he Description box.
      Additional Details Click Add Details to add a feature, fact, or other item that you want to call out in the message. Enter as a label and the description.
      Links (optional) Add the link title that displays in the notification and the complete link URL. The notification can include up to 10 links.
    2. If you select Actionable, configure the Actions section with the user's action and response flow .
    3. In the Attachments section, you can add up to 10 attachments to the notification template. The individual file size cannot exceed 5 MB.

  4. Click NEXT and then SAVE.

    The notification template is saved to the Notification Template list.

Use Notification Templates to Create and Send Notifications

You can

  1. Navigate to the Hub Services Notifications page, Click NEW to open the page to the Notification Template list.
  2. In the Action column for the notification template to use, click USE.
  3. In the Custom Notification Definition page, enter a name for the notification, select the target audience and set the priority.

    Click NEXT.

  4. Review the configuration in the Content page and make required changes. Click NEXT to see a summary of the notification information.
    Note: Changes you make to the Content page do not change the notification template.
  5. Click CREATE.

    The notification is sent and it is added to the Notification List on the Notifications page.