To make it easy for users to find messages on their devices, the messages are grouped on the For You page in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub according to the type of notification: Priority, Actionable, or Informational. If users do not have a notification from one of these types, that label is not displayed.

For You Notifications

Urgent messages display outside of those groupings. Users cannot proceed to another screen until urgent notifications are acted on.

Users can see the number of notifications they have in the For You tab. This count represents the number of read or unread priority and actionable notifications, and the number of unread informational notifications. When Informational notifications are displayed in a page view, they are considered read without any specific action from the user, and the count is decreased. If no notifications are listed, when users open the For You tab, the page displays You are all caught up!.

When users respond to a notification or deletes it, the notification is moved to the History folder. Users can view an archived message for 90 days, after which it is deleted.

By default, notifications are displayed with both the notification title and the message content. To display only the notification title, you can deactivate the Display Push Notification Description option in the Hub Services console.