The Intelligent Hub-based enrollment process secures a connection between macOS devices and your Workspace ONE UEM environment. Install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app to facilitate the enrollment and enable the real-time management and access to the relevant device information.

Two methods are available to introduce users to the Intelligent Hub app.

You can configure settings to automatically install the Intelligent Hub app to devices immediately after enrollment is finished.

  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console, go to Settings > Device & Users > Apple > Apple macOS > Intelligent Hub Settings.
  2. To enable automatic deployment of the Intelligent Hub app to devices when users enroll through the Web or DEP, make sure that Install Hub after Enrollment is enabled.
  3. Save your changes.

Users who do not have an enrolled device can also install the Intelligent Hub app. The app prompts users to enroll their device before they can access corporate resources. Users can navigate to and download the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app installer to their devices.

See the macOS Device Management guide on the Workspace ONE UEM documentation landing page to install, configure, and manage macOS devices with Workspace ONE UEM.