Watson Assistant uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand user inquiries. Watson Assistant can then provide meaningful answers or search existing knowledge bases for answers.

To create the type of discussions that you want users to have with Hub Assistant, you customize Watson Assistant to add the skills that Watson Assistant requires. Watson Assistant offers a simple and intuitive building interface that allows you to train and improve the assistant.

  • Users interact with the assistant through Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub in the app or from a web browser.
  • The assistant receives the input from users and routes the input to the dialog skill.
  • The dialog skill interprets the user input, then directs the flow of the conversation. The dialog skill gathers information to respond or perform a transaction on behalf of the user.
  • Any questions that the dialog skill cannot answer are sent to the search skill. The search skill searches the company knowledge bases that you configured to find the relevant answers.

The dialog skill includes a series of intents and entities that train Watson Assistant to recognize the purpose (intent) expressed in a request from a user and select the correct dialog flow to use to respond .

Hub Services built a dialog skill to get you started with a self-service experience for creating and viewing Help tickets. You can add more intents to this dialog skill to train Watson further.

You can build others dialog skills in Watson Assistant to expand the self-service opportunities in your organization.