The Passport service can be used along with health attestation surveys to manage an employee’s temporary access to buildings based on survey answers. Employees complete a health screening questionnaire before they can enter a building and return to work.

To use health attestation survey results to manage access to buildings, the Hub Passport service must be configured and integrated with Physical Access Control systems (PACS) Software House C•CURE 9000.

Admins use the Notification Builder in Hub Services to create custom return-to-work notifications that are used for health attestation screening. The health screening questions in the notification can be targeted to employees based on location and time zone. The location that employees select when they complete the survey determines the time zone and how many days the Intelligent Hub app can be used as a badge before access is disabled.

You add the locations that can be selected to the Locations table in the Passport service page. You give the locations a name that employees can recognize, select the time zone for each location, and specify the number of days that the badge is enabled. Valid access can be set between 1 and 90 days.

When a return-to-work notification is sent, the message appears in the Intelligent Hub as a persistent notification in the For You tab. Employees who are expected to return to work must complete the survey to confirm they are not experiencing any of the symptoms outlined in the survey. When employees submit their answers, Hub Services analysis the answers. The employee receives a notification that they either passed or failed. If they passed the survey, the Passport service enables Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to act as a physical badge to access buildings. If the employee fails the survey, employees are informed about how to retake the survey. Access is disabled in the app.

Use Notification Builder to Create the Notification

You use the Notification Builder in Hub Services to create an actionable notification to ask employees to answer health questions so that they can return to work. Employees review the questions and select either Yes or No and submit their answers.


  • Hub Passport service integrated with Physical Access Control systems (PACS) Software House C•CURE 9000. See Setting Up Hub Passport in Hub Services (Cloud Only).
  • Your company's locations configured in the Location list in the Passport service.
  • To take the health screening survey and use the app as a badge, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on employee devices must be 20.10 or later.


  1. Navigate to the Hub Services Notifications page and click Create Custom Notification.
  2. Enter the name to identify this notification as the health attestation survey.
  3. Select the audience and the group that are to receive this notification.
  4. Select Return to Work as the priority type.
  5. Click Next to go to the Content page. In the Content page, complete the notification message details.
    Option Description
    Image Use the default image, Intelligent Hub or you can add your own image for this notification.
    Title Enter a title for the notification. This displays in the message header.
    Location The locations configured in the Passport Location table are listed. Select the locations that apply to this survey. Employees select their location when they complete the survey.
    Survey Type the survey questions in the text box. The questions can require only a Yes or No answer. The health attestation analysis process in Hub Services is configured to reject the return to work request if any answers are Yes. When this happens, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app revokes both the digital and physical badge access.
  6. Click Next to go to the Scheduling page. Select the expiration date, hour, and time zone when the health attestation notification will expire, after which the notification can no longer be used to take the survey.
  7. Click Next to review the notification.
  8. Click Create to create and send the notification.