If you originally configured your Workspace ONE Access tenant for the Workspace ONE App and now are activating Hub Services to use the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app, you must update some of the Workspace ONE UEM settings.

After you activate Hub Services with the new cloud instance, you must reconfigure several components in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Table 1. Workspace ONE Access Components to Reconfigure
Component Description For More Information
Directory Services Active Directory is reset to be deactivated. You must reactivate Active Directory Basic. The user mapping is reset to the default values. You must reconfigure the user attributes to be mapped. See Directory Integration with VMware Workspace ONE Access..
Directory Services with Basic User Sync If you configured Local Basic User sync previously, you must re-enable Basic User Sync. See Sync Users and Groups from Workspace ONE UEM Directory to Workspace ONE Access Directory.
Access Policies Access policies that manage single sign-on are no longer available. You must reconfigure the default access policy. Edit the Default Access Policy in Workspace ONE Access.
Active Directory Basic and SaaS and Virtual App Support in Workspace ONE UEM Console. Web apps and virtual apps are not accessible from the UEM console. You must reconfigure the default access policy, and any other policies created for specific web apps.

You might have to update the Workspace ONE UEM settings in the Workspace ONE Access console. Review the Workspace ONE UEM settings page in the Workspace ONE Access console.

See the Directory Service Integration guide in the VMware Workspace ONE UEM doc center.