Create a version of the Hub catalog to be used in the pre-hire Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub onboarding experience. You apply this version in the onboarding template in the Hub console.

The pre-hire version of the catalog can be configured to display the selected apps that pre-hire users can access before their first day. The best practice is to simplify the navigation and features the pre-hire catalog as to not overwhelm the pre-hire experience in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Best practice design for the pre-hire catalog is to enable the Promotion banner to convey important apps that pre-hires can refer to and to give them access only to the apps that are relevant before day 0. To keep the catalog easy to navigate, deactivate features that can distract a pre-hire user, such as the category list, favorites tab and the ability to rate an app.


  1. Navigate to the Hub Services console Home page.
  2. Click App Catalog.
  3. In the VERSION:GLOBAL menu, select ADD VERSION.
  4. Give this version a name, such as Pre-Hire General and add a description.
  5. Configure the Catalog Layout section.
    1. Delete the New Apps, Recommended, and Category List sections.
    2. Deactivate the Favorites Tab.
    3. Leave Show Virtual Apps on Devices and Enable App Ratings deactivated.
  6. In the Promotions row, click to expand the row.
    1. Leave the Display the Promotions section enabled.
    2. Select to promote App and then search for the apps to be promoted.
  7. Click Save.

What to do next

Go to the Templates:Onboarding section and edit the template for the pre-hire Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub experience. Click App Catalog and select the Pre-hire version you created. See Adding an Onboarding Template and Preparing the Welcome Page for Pre-Hires in Hub Services (Cloud Only).