In the Hub Services console Employee Self-Service page, you can customize the type of self-service support that is available in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

You can add helpful links to the self-service tab to empower and educate users about how to perform basic device management tasks, investigate issues, and fix problems. These links can reduce the number of help desk tickets and support issues.

The option to view the self-service tab in the browser is on by default in the global setting. You can deactivate this option in the Employee Self-Service page. You can create versions of the employee self-service tab and design the helpful links for specific groups of users and add a version in the Hub template assigned to the specific group.

Change the Self-Service Tab Name

The tab that displays in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app displays as Support in the navigation bar. You can change the label in the Employee Self-Service page. When the app view is refreshed, the new name displays in the navigation bar.

Manage Contact Information

When Workspace ONE UEM is configured to enroll device and is configured with Hub Services, a Contacts section displays in the Employee Self-Service page. The support email and phone number that display are configured in the Workspace ONE UEM console Device > Device Settings > Device & Users > General > Enrollment > Customization tab.

Note: The Customization tab shows an example email and phone numbers. If you do not change the example settings, this information display in the Contacts section. See Configure Email and Phone Number Contact Information for Intelligent Hub Support Tab.

Self-service Options for User Device Management

You can enable device self-service to display the My devices section in the self-service tab in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app. My devices section provides detailed information about the user's devices. By default, users can add devices and install profiles for devices that are enabled. When you enabled the Verify (Intelligent Hub) authentication method for two-factor authentication, users can change the primary device designated to receive the two-factor notification. Users can also click Sync to sync all profiles to the device.

You can deactivate these options in the Employee Self-Service page.

Add Helpful Links

You can add links to promote and direct users to internal or external sites and knowledge base articles for self-service help. These links can give users a chance to look for solutions to issues before reaching out to your support service. These links are displayed in the Helpful Resources section in the self-service tab.