When the Notifications feature is enabled in Hub Services, employees can receive actionable, real-time messages, including push notifications in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub For You tab on their devices and from the Hub portal.

A notification count is displayed on the For You tab if there are unread or priority notifications. If no notifications are listed, when users click For You, the message reads You are all caught up!.

Most messages are sent as standard notifications. You can prioritize notifications for information that is critical for the user to review and respond to on a timely basis as either high-priority or urgent. High-priority messages are displayed at the top of the For You page in the Priority section above Actionable and Informational notifications.

Users might also see a banner informing them of the incoming priority notification. They can click the banner to go to the For You page. The notification count in the For You bell icon counts high-priority notifications until the user takes actions on the notification request. See Creating Custom Notifications in Workspace ONE Hub Services

Urgent messages display on top of the app page until the users takes an action on the notification. Users cannot proceed to another screen until all urgent notifications are acted on.

Table 1. Types of Notifications Received in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub App
Custom Notifications As an admin, you can create custom notifications.
Example of custom notification
Approval Request through Workspace ONE mobile flows Users can approve or deny approval notifications.
Example of notification approval options
New App Availability If New Apps Notification is enabled, users receive a weekly notification about new apps that are available. They can click the link in the notification to learn more about the app and to add the app to their catalog.
Example of New Apps Notification

When users click an action button to respond to the notification, the notification is moved to the History folder. The notification is archived in History for 90 days, after which it is deleted.

The setting to receive notifications is enabled in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app. Users can manage the Notification setting in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app user's Accounts page, they can also manage notification for any other business systems apps that generate notifications through mobile flow.