Users can access their apps, and install web, mobile, and virtual applications that they are entitled to. Web and virtual apps can be opened directly from the user's portal. Native apps, such as iOS and Android apps, are launched from the device springboard.

The catalog page layout that you configured in Hub Services displays when users open the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on devices or in Hub portal view.

In the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app view, any apps or categories you selected to promote are displayed at the top of the Apps pane view. New apps display in the new apps section. When apps are organized into logical categories, these categories are displayed. People, Notification, and Support tabs are in the navigation pane.

Note: Apps and desktops from Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure with Universal Broker is not available for a Workspace ONE Access tenant that has VMware Identity Services enabled. See the Unsupported Workspace ONE Features topic in the Configuring User Provisioning and Identity Federation with VMware Identity Services guide.
Figure 1. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub on a Device
Screenshot of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub showing Favorites on a device

In the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub view from a browser, The navigation tabs are at top of the page along with the search bar to search for app. If you enabled Favorites, the Favorites tab displays before the Apps tab.

Figure 2. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Web Portal View
Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Web Portal View