You can customize the onboarding template in the Hub Services console to guide pre-hires to resources in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub that can help them prepare to start working on day one. You set up the New Hire Welcome page to guide pre-hires through the steps to set up their account in your organization before their start date.

Note: This feature is not available for a Workspace ONE Access tenant that has VMware Identity Services enabled. See the Unsupported Workspace ONE Features topic in the Configuring User Provisioning and Identity Federation with VMware Identity Services guide.

Workspace ONE Access with Hub Services provides a pre-hire onboarding experience through Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub on a web browser. Workspace ONE Access generates a one-time-use access token, called a magic link, that you send in an email to pre-hires. They click the link to access a Welcome page in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub portal.

You design and configure the New Hire Welcome page that pre-hires see when they click the magic link in the email they receive. The welcome page displays a pre-hire greeting and directions to set up their account and sign in to Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub portal in a web browser.

When you configure the onboarding template, the New Hire Welcome page, branding, and the Hub app catalog are enabled by default. If you created versions of branding and the Hub catalog specifically for pre-hire users, you edit the onboarding template to select the versions instead of using the global settings. You can enable Notifications if it is configured in Hub Services.

Note: Employee Self-Service, Digital Badge, and People are not available for the onboarding template.

See How to Prepare a Day Zero Onboarding Experience in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for configuration details.