When Workspace ONE UEM is integrated with Workspace ONE Access, the Hub catalog is available as the repository of all the apps that you can entitle to users. Users can access enterprise applications that you manage in the catalog based on the settings you establish for the application.

Cloud, Mobile, and Windows applications can be accessed from the catalog. Native applications that are internally developed or publicly available in app stores can be made available to your end users from the user portal.

In the Catalog pages in the Workspace ONE Access console, you can perform the following tasks.

  • Add new apps to your catalog.
  • View the apps to which you can currently entitle users.
  • Access information about each app in your catalog.

Some web application can be added to your catalog directly from the Catalog pages. Other resource types require you to take action outside the administration console. See the Workspace ONE Access Resource Guide for information about setting up resources.

You can also manage the catalog from the Workspace ONE UEM console, Apps & Books > Applications pages. See the Application Management Life Cycle guide in the Workspace ONE UEM Documentation center.