You can create Hub templates with different sets of features and settings to provide a curated experience in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. You can assign Workspace ONE UEM smart groups and Workspace ONE Access user groups in a template to group users based on their role, location, or other criteria.

Templates are organized in the Template list in priority order. This priority determines which template is applied when users access Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. The highest priority template is used when users or devices are assigned to multiple templates.

Your initial configurations of the Hub Services settings for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub are the global level settings. You configure global Hub Services settings to meet most of your users' needs. When users require Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub features that are different from the global configuration, you create templates.

When you create a template, the global level settings are selected by default to simplify setting up templates. If the global settings do not meet all your needs, you can create versions of App Catalog, Branding, Custom Tab, and Employee Self-Service with different configurations.

The Branding and App Catalog features are always enabled in a template as global settings. If you created different versions, you can select the version when you configure the template. Any other Hub Services features that are configured can be enabled for the template. You can disable features other than Branding and App Catalog.

Feature Versionable Description
App Catalog Yes You can create different versions of the Hub catalog. Each version of the Hub catalog can list the apps for users who are assigned to that template. When you add a version, you can promote apps, add sections such as Categories, Favorites, or a custom category to organize apps. You can enable App Rating to let users rate an app with a thumb up or down click.
Branding Yes You can create different versions of branding, using different logos and different colors to create customized branding for subsidiary companies and different business units, for example.
Custom Tab Yes You can create versions of the custom tab. You can configure each custom tab with a different name, URL, and position on the navigation bar.
Employee Self-Service Yes In Employee Self-Service, you can create different versions of the Support tab that displays in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub. In each version, you can change the Support tab name, define different helpful links, and enable or disable the ability to manage devices from Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
Notifications No You do not create versions of Notifications.

You can disable Notification at the global level and still enable it for a template.

When you create a template, you can enable notifications and set whether to receive New App Notifications. All other notification settings are configured under global settings and are inherited by templates. You cannot change these settings.

Note: The Workspace ONE mobile flows URL set in System Settings is set as a global value and cannot be changed.
People No You do not create versions of People.

The People feature is configured in Workspace ONE Access. When the feature is configured, you can enable the People feature in Hub Services at the global level or for templates.

You can disable People as a global setting and still enable People in templates.

Virtual Assistant No You do not create versions of Virtual Assistant.

When the Virtual Assistant feature is configured in Hub Services, you can enable Virtual Assistant at the global level and you can enable the feature in templates.

You can disable Virtual Assistant at the global level, but the feature must be configured in Hub Services to enable Virtual Assistant in a template.

Examples of how to use templates.

  • Test your Intelligent Hub configuration with a small group of users before you roll it out to the company. Assign the template to a small group of users and expand the roll-out over time to give you an opportunity to receive user feedback and to control the communication.
  • Brand each of your subsidiary companies with different logos and colors
  • Create custom tabs for different departments in your organization.
  • Enable Notifications only in specific locations.

Managing Hub Templates

Hub Templates that you create are listed on the Templates page in a prioritized order with the highest priority listed first.

On the Templates page, you can add templates and change the priority.

You can assign groups to the template. You can edit, copy, and delete templates. When you copy a template, the assigned groups are not copied to the new template.