The App Catalog in Hub Services lists the apps that you make available to your users in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app or web portal. You can arrange the layout of the catalog page to make it easy to find apps from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and the Hub portal. You can add sections such as Categories or Favorites to organize apps, and you can enable App Rating to let users rate an app with a thumb up or down click.

The App tab displays the New Apps, Recommended, and Categories sections. You can customize the App tab view to add other sections.

Section Description
New Apps Apps that are added to the Hub Catalog display in the New Apps section for 30 days. New versions of an app are also displayed in the New Apps section.
Recommended Preferred applications that you categorized as recommended in the catalog are displayed in the Recommended section.
Category List The Categories section displays a list of the categories that you created. The categories display alphabetically by default. You can choose the order of these categories, moving the most important app categories to the top of the list.
Promotions You can add a Promotions section to display apps that you want to promote to users. The Promotion section always displays at the top of the Apps pane.
Updates You can add an Updates section to display a list of apps that have updates. Users can update the apps directly from the Updates section.
Note: The ability to display the Updates section is only available on iOS devices with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app version 21.06 and later.
Custom You can create custom category sections.

The Favorites tab is enabled as a separate tab that displays apps that users mark as a favorite. When the Favorites tab is enabled and Workspace ONE Access is the source of authentication for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, Show Web Links is also enabled to let users bookmark their favorite web links. Web links display in a separate section in the Favorites tab view. If you do not want users to bookmark web links, you can deactivate the Show Web Link feature. If you deactivate the feature, the Web Links section does not display in favorites, but web links that users bookmarked are saved in Hub Services. If you re-enable Web Links, the saved web links reappear in the users Favorites view.