To use Hub Assistant, you must create your own Watson Assistant service instance in the IBM Cloud. You then can import the Workspace ONE pre-configured dialog skill to populate Watson Assistant with the Hub Services trained use cases.

The Watson Assistant instance is added in the default resource group if you do not select a different group. The resource group cannot be changed later. Resource groups are used for access control purposes. See IBM’s Best practices for organizing resources in a resource group documentation.

Note: Refer to the IBM Watson documentation for detailed documentation and tutorials about setting up and using Watson Assistant. This guide gives a high-level overview about setting up Watson Assistant with the Hub Services pre-configured dialog skill.



  1. Log in to your IBM cloud account and on the dashboard, click Create resource.
  2. In the search box on the Catalog page, type Watson Assistant. Click the Watson Assistant box that displays.
  3. On the Watson Assistant page, select a region near to your location and click Create.
    You can use the free Lite plan to get started with Virtual Assistant.
    In the Assistants page, a Watson Assistant named My first assistant displays on the page. You can rename this assistant to reflect the type of Watson Assistant instance this chatbot is about.
  4. If you are going to use Virtual Assistance to create Help tickets and order devices, add the Hub Services pre-configured dialog skill. To add this skill, you import the Workspace ONE dialog skill JSON file.
    1. Click Add dialog skill.
    2. Click Import skill.
    3. Upload the JSON file.


The Watson Assistant is now configured with the dialog skill used to help users create and manage Help tickets. The Hub Assistant is now ready to be linked to Hub Services.

What to do next

In Watson Assistant, configure the Search skill to build your own searchable self-service knowledge base.

In the Hub Services console, enable Virtual Assistant and add the Watson Assistant information that is requested.

To use the virtual assistant to create tickets and order devices, set up Workspace ONE mobile flows service with the ServiceNow chatbot connector.