Users can either download the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app from their device app store or administrators can configure Workspace ONE UEM to push the Intelligent Hub app as a managed application to devices.

When users initially install the app, they navigate through a series of screens to prepare them for setting up their device in management mode and install and enable their Workspace Services profile that is used to separate work and personal data on their device.

Privacy and Data Sharing

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app collects information to provide secure access to users work data and apps. Users see a privacy and data sharing notice that they must accept. The privacy notice displays the following information.

  • Data collected by Hub – Provides a summary of data that is collected and processed by the application. Some of this data is visible to the administrators of the Workspace ONE UEM administration console.
  • Hub Permissions – Provides a summary of device permissions requested for the app to enable product features and functionality, such as push notifications to the device. These permissions can be changed at any time within the user's device settings but change might impact the app functionality.
  • Company's Privacy Policy – By default, a message is displayed for users to get more information about your company. When configured by the administrator, tap Your Company’s Privacy Policy to access the employer’s privacy policy information.