As a super admin, you can add Workspace ONE Access user groups as admins in the Hub Services console and assign a RBAC access role. You can assign more than one role to a user group.


Identify the user groups in the Workspace ONE Access services to assign to the admin roles.


  1. Navigate to the Hub Services console Home page.
  2. Click Admin Roles.
  3. In the Admin Roles page, click ADD NEW ADMIN.
    Hub Services Adding an Admin User
  4. Enter the Workspace ONE Access group name in the Step 1 search box and select the user group.
    Hub Service console Admin Role add an admin
  5. In step 2, select the role to assign.
    By default, when creating a notification, admins can select to send a notification to any of the audience types listed in the Notification Builder, including all devices, all employees, organization groups, smart groups, and user groups. If this admin group can send notifications to all target audiences, do not edit the Custom Target Audience Section. To set a custom target audience, see Adding Admin Groups and Assigning Customized Target Audience Permissions.
  6. Click ADD.
    The group is added to the Current Admins list and members of the group can log in to the Hub Services console from their Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub web portal.

What to do next

Notify the members in the group about their granted permissions and how to log in to the Hub Services console from the Manage Hub Experience link on the Hub portal browser.