To assign a role in the Hub Service console, you must be a Workspace ONE Access super administrator or a Hub Services super admin who can access and manage all features and functions in Hub Services.


Identify the groups in the Workspace ONE Access services to assign to the admin roles.


  1. Navigate to the Hub Services console Home page.
  2. Click Admin Roles.
  3. In the Admin Roles page, click ADD NEW ADMIN.
  4. Enter the Workspace ONE Access group name for this new admin role.
  5. Select the role to assign.
  6. Click ADD.
    The group is added to the Current Admins list and members of the group can log in to the Hub Services console from their Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub web portal.

What to do next

Notify the members in the group about their new permissions and how to log into the Hub Services console from the Manage Hub Experience link on the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub portal.