Hub Notifications service is a cloud-hosted service designed to generate and serve real-time notifications to your employees. In Hub Services, you can create custom informational and actionable notifications to send to selected groups in your organization.

You also have the out-of-box capability to send weekly new app notification to all employees, if you choose to turn it on.

Users do not need to be in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app to receive notifications. They can respond directly on the notification that is being viewed. When users are logged in to Intelligent Hub, they can view their notifications from the For You tab.

Source of Authentication Makes a Difference

When the source of authentication for Intelligent Hub is set to Workspace ONE UEM, you do not need to configured Workspace ONE Access to create custom notifications.

  • Users receive notifications on their iOS, Android, and macOS devices.
  • Users receive New App notifications for apps used on their devices.

When the source of authentication is set to Workspace ONE Access, you have additional notification features.

  • Users receive notifications on their iOS, Android, and macOS devices and in the Hub portal from a browser.
  • Users receive new app notifications about web and virtual apps.
  • Workspace ONE mobile flows can be enabled and notifications from mobile flows configured business systems can be received. (Cloud only)

To see which service is the source for authentication in the Intelligent Hub app, in the UEM console go to the Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment > Authentication tab.

Note: If you change the source of authentication from Workspace ONE UEM to Workspace ONE Access, notifications that were received from UEM are no longer available for viewing in the Intelligent Hub app.