Hub Services is a service co-located with Workspace ONE Access that lets you design and set up how employees use Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub to access, discover, and connect with a company's corporate resources, teams, and work flows. Users use the Workspace ONE® Intelligent Hub app or the Intelligent Hub portal in a web browser to access the employee engagement features.

You can configure the following Hub Services features for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

  • Unified App Catalog
  • Notifications, including using Workspace ONE mobile flows to send third-party approval notifications.
  • People Search
  • Hub Virtual Assistant
  • Employee Self-Service support
  • Custom tab
  • Branding

You can use Hub Templates to customize the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub features for different groups of users based on their role, location, or other criteria. The groups you select to access the template can be Workspace ONE UEM smart groups or Workspace ONE Access groups. See Using Hub Templates to Set Up Different Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Experiences for Users.

When you use Hub Services with Workspace ONE UEM, without Workspace ONE Access, you can configure a Hub catalog in Hub Services to access UEM and Web apps from the Intelligent Hub app on user devices. You can also send out device notifications and set up an employee self-service page where employees can manage their devices and access help links that you define. You can customize the layout of the Intelligent Hub app with branding changes, a custom tab, and your logo.

When Hub Services is configured with Workspace ONE Access, without Workspace ONE UEM, users can access the Hub catalog through the Hub portal from a web browser. You can set up the Hub portal so that users can access resources, receive notifications, and use the employee self-services page to access help links that you define. You can customize the layout of the Hub portal with branding changes and your logo.

Beginning with Workspace ONE Access 20.01 on premises deployments, users can access the Hub catalog in a web browser and from the Intelligent Hub app. You manage the Hub catalog features in the Hub Services console, accessed from the Workspace ONE Access console Catalog tab. See the Using Hub Catalog in Workspace ONE Access Deployments.