To use the push notification feature in the Hub Services Notifications service with on premises Workspace ONE Access deployments, you must register Workspace ONE Access to the cloud notifications service.

To register Workspace ONE Access, you copy the token from VMware and paste the token in the Notifications Global Settings page in the Hub Services console to generate the certificate.

Procedure to get the Token

  1. Log in to the VMware My Workspace ONE portal,,
  2. Navigate to

    The Generate A Token page displays your token in the Your Token section.

  3. In the Your Token section, click COPY TO CLIPBOARD.

    Save the copied token to add to the Notifications page in the Hub Services console.

Add the Token to Hub Services and Generate the Certificate

  1. Navigate to the Hub Services console Home page.
  2. Click Notifications > Global Settings.
  3. In the Push Notifications section, paste the Workspace ONE Access token that you copied.
  4. Click GENERATE.

    The push notification certificate is generated and the page is updated to show that the certificate is active.

  5. If you want to display only the title of the notification to users, deactivate the Display Push Notification option. Otherwise both the notification title and the message content are displayed.
  6. Click Save.

The Workspace ONE Access on premises service is registered to the cloud notifications service.

The certificate token is good for three years. Make sure you renew the certificate to maintain uninterrupted push notifications.