The Digital Badge service is a component of Hub Services that can be integrated with Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) to allow the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on mobile devices to act as a digital badge. When the Digital Badge service is integrated with PACS, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app can work like a physical employee badge and provide a hands-free access to unlock doors.

The Digital Badge service can also be used along with Health Attestation surveys in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app to manage users’ temporary access to specific buildings based on survey answers. The Health Attestation survey can control the access for physical badges only, so deploying the Digital Badge feature is not a mandatory step for this use case.

To use the Digital Badge service, your organization must deploy the following access control infrastructure.

  • To connect and work with the Digital Badge service, deploy the Physical Access Control System (PACS) by Software House C•CURE 9000 version 2.8.
    • Because PACS is deployed on-premises, a best practice is to configure a reverse proxy so that the C•CURE system is not exposed externally.
    • Use the Nginx service or some other service to create an IP-based or domain-based allow list for Hub Services access to C•CURE.
  • For a digital ID in Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app, deploy the following.
    • The SaaS tenant in the HID Origo Management Portal used as a mobile badge management service with enough purchased mobile user licenses to cover the number of users that use this service.
    • Door Badge Reader that is a HID Bluetooth capable reader, either the HID Signo iCLASS SE reader or the multiCLASS SE reader.