Latest Release -  January 2020 

What's in the Release Notes

The Workspace ONE Hub Services release notes provide information on the new features and enhancements made for each release.  For the latest new features, click the January 2020 link.


What's New in January 2020 Release

New mobile flows integration with Workday for Intelligent Hub

With the latest mobile flows integration available for Intelligent Hub, managers can now receive notifications from Workday for employee absence approval requests. You can view details on the requested time off and take actions to approve, deny, or comment on the notification directly within the Intelligent Hub app.

Configure the out-of-box connector for Workday in the Workspace ONE mobile flows catalog and enable mobile flows in Hub Services to allow your employees to approve leave requests directly from the Intelligent Hub app.

What's New in December 2019 Release

New Notification Capabilities

  • You can now configure a default image for custom notifications that can be aligned to your company's logo.  This means time savings for you since you no longer have to specify a custom image every time you are creating a notification.  Just add you custom image on the notifications settings page. If you do not set a custom default notification image on the settings page, the Hub icon is used.
  • When creating custom notifications, you now have an option to upload an image. If you do not want to upload an image, you have an option to specify an image URL.  If you do neither, the default notification image is used.
  • Custom notifications with attachments can now be created.  Each notification can be configured to have up to 10 attachments.

New App Notification Enhancement

We recognize that getting a new app notification daily can be overwhelming.  As a result, we are changing the frequency of the new app notification from daily to weekly.  Your employees will receive weekly new app digest notifications.

Introducing Hub Assistant - A Virtual Assistant that Empowers a Better Employee Experience

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Assistant is a virtual assistant that can help employees complete workflows and find answers to company questions through a friendly, conversational chatbot experience. The virtual assistant is powered by IBM Watson for natural language processing and uses Workspace ONE mobile flows to integrate with third-party systems.

In this release, Hub Assistant is trained to do the following.

  • File a support ticket in ServiceNow
  • Check the status of a ticket in ServiceNow
  • Answer common questions, such as What is my corporate credit card policy?
    • Hub Assistant has an embedded Search skill to query documents, KBs and other repositories using Watson's Discovery service. You will need to upload your company's documents and resources and train Discovery on the data set to provide relevant answers to your employees' questions.

Note: The Hub Assistant chatbot is available with Hub iOS 19.12 and on the web portal. Android support will follow.

Favorite Apps Section is Now Its Own Tab

Users mark their apps as favorite so that they can easily access them again and again. To help them have full access to their favorite apps, the Favorites section is relocated from the catalog tab to its own dedicated tab on the Intelligent Hub portal.  With this update, users can go directly to the Favorite tab to access their most commonly used web and virtual apps. The toggle setting for turning Favorites on and off is in the Hub Services console Customization page.

What's New in October 2019 Release

Notifications Can Be Sent as Urgent

A notification marked as Urgent can be used to alert users of important updates that require their immediate attention. Urgent messages block access to the Intelligent Hub app until users act on the notification.

Note: To view Urgent notification, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app 19.10 or later must be installed on iOS and Android devices. Mac support will follow in a later release. On macOS devices, when a notification is marked as Urgent, users see it as a high-priority notification.

Notification Builder Usability Enhancements

  • Configuring the Completed Action Button textbox is no longer required when a notification is repeatable. Only the Action Button text is displayed.
  • When creating custom notifications, you now receive a warning message when the notification message is too large. The maximum size limit of a notification message is 399 KB.

What's New in September 2019 Release

End User Experience Enhancements for Notifications

Notifications are a great way for employees to stay on top of their work. We have made enhancements to improve the experience even further.

  • Notification cards now support attachments. Users can now view attachments such as images or receipts (in the case of Concur expense approval notifications) within the notification long card. The out-of-box mobile flows connectors for Coupa, Concur, and ServiceNow will be updated to return associated attachments for the approval notifications as part of the mobile flows release.
  • You will be able to add a hyperlink to the title and subtitle in notification cards. This gives you the flexibility to link external pages from the title and subtitle.

Note:Notification cards with attachment will be supported on the iOS, Android, and Mac Intelligent Hub app in an upcoming release. Support for creating attachments and adding hyperlinks to title and subtitle of the notifications card will be added to the notifications builder in an upcoming Hub Services release.

End User Self-Service Help Can be Customized from the Help & Support Page in the Hub Services Console

A new Support tab is added in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub browser view. 

  • Users can monitor and manage their devices from the Support page > My Device section. They can see detailed information about their devices, add  new devices, and install new profiles. Add Device and Install profiles are enabled by default in the Help & Support page.
  • Users can view the Helpful Links section in the Support tab to find links to direct them to internal or external sites and knowledge base articles for self-service help. In the Help & Support page, you create the links that you want to promote to give users a chance to look for solutions to issues before reaching out to your support team.
  • You can also customize the Support tab name. 

The option to view the Support tab in the browser is on by default in this release.  You can disable this option in the Hub Services Console Help and Support page.

Note: The Support tab view will be available on iOS and Android devices in the next release of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app.

Color Picker Tool is Now Available to Make It Easy to Find the Perfect Color

The Branding page in the Hub Service console now includes a color picker to select the exact color to use to define the branding for Intelligent Hub web browser, desktop, and mobile views.

What's New in August 2019 Release

Hub Notifications Support with Workspace ONE UEM Authentication Mode

You can now use engaging notifications capability within the Intelligent Hub app with UEM authentication mode. This means you do not have to configure and implement VMware Identity Manager for your users to get out-of-box new app notifications for UEM apps and to get custom notifications that you can generate using our notifications builder wizard. You can learn more about Notifications in the Configure and Manage VMware Workspace ONE Hub Services for Intelligent Hub publication, Using the Hub Notifications Service.


  • Switching the authentication mode from UEM to VMware Identity Manager after enabling the notifications functionality will result in your employees losing older notifications that they received when the authentication mode was set to UEM.
  • Intelligent Hub iOS 19.07 or later and Intelligent Hub Android 19.08 or later is required for push notifications to work correctly.

Notification Builder Enhancements

The Notifications Builder that was released last month now includes some new features to make it even easier for you to create custom notifications for your employees to keep them updated about system maintenance down times, corporate communications like all-hands, security training, and more.

  • You can now view the details of the notification you created for your users from the Notifications page Status list.
  • When you configure the URL to display an image in a notification, the image appears in the notification Preview.
  • When Hub Services is configured for a VMware Identity Manager tenant, only the Target Audience Types that can be used are in the menu.

What's New in July 2019 Release

Notifications Builder

  • Custom notifications for Intelligent Hub can now be created easily for your employees through an easy to use notifications creation wizard accessible from the Hub Services console Notifications page. No need to build scripts using APIs to generate custom notifications.
  • Note  If the notification builder page is not visible in the Hub Services console, the AirWatch API certificate that you uploaded to the VMware Identity Manager for authentication might not be configured with the correct administrator role.  The AirWatch API certificate role must be configured as console administrator, AirWatch administrator, or system administrator.  In the Workspace ONE UEM console, edit the certificate to update the role.


Web Browser Supported

  • Mozilla Firefox, latest version
  • Google Chrome 42.0 or later
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari 6.2.8 or later
  • Microsoft Edge, latest version

VMware Product Interoperability Matrix provides details about the compatibility of current and previous versions of VMware products and components, such as  Horizon 7.


Hub Services is available in the following languages

English Arabic
Czech Danish
German French
Spanish Italian
Dutch Japanese
Korean Hebrew
Polish Brazilian Portuguese
Swedish Turkish
Russian Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese  



Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub App and Hub Services documentation is in the  Workspace ONE Documentation center.

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