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VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes 18.09.18

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence | 18 SEP 2018 | Build 180918

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

New Feature

Identify that you have no reports with the new empty Reports graphic.
When you have no reports, the Reports page displays an empty Reports graphic and guides you to add reports.

Resolved Issues

  • INTEL-1294: Added an operator, Within and Not Within, to support rolling relative time ranges in Reports.

  • INTEL-6236: Added tables to the supported chart types for the Security Risk dashboard.

  • INTEL-7407: Fixed an issue with the search on the Reports page that would stop working and display no reports when you entered a certain number of characters.

  • INTEL-7607: Fixed an issue with filters in widget templates that, when changed, caused the other information on the screen to reset to default.

  • INTEL-7662: Fixed an issue with the spacing of banner text on Workspace ONE Intelligence pages when viewed through Internet Explorer 11.

  • INTEL-7672: Fixed an issue with the Send To field for Reports Schedules that was not retaining entered emails.

  • INTEL-7775: Fixed an issue with the historical OS version chart on the OS Updates dashboard that was grouping data with an incorrect parameter.