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VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes 18.10.11

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence | 11 OCT 2018 | Build 181011

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topic:

New Features

  • Intelligence now returns OS versions grouped by platform when you use filters.
  • Added the Address field to the Trial Acceptance form.
  • The OS Updates Dashboard now enables the Known OS Version cards if Workspace ONE Intelligence detects at least one device is registered against that platform.  
  • We renamed the current historical chart title to Daily Active Devices by OS Version in the OS Updates Dashboard.
  • Added support for application data as triggers within Automation.
  • Workspace ONE Intelligence returns values alphabetically when you create a widget using the Group by option.

System Health Status

You can subscribe to the Workspace ONE Intelligence system health status at

Resolved Issues

  • INTEL-5708: Fixed an issue where widget resizing and location  reverted to its previous state when another widget was added. 

  • INTEL-6359: Added a requirement to complete a current action in an Automation before configuring a new action.

  • INTEL-6379: Fixed an issue where the x-axis values overlapped in Dashboards and widgets.

  • INTEL-6450: Fixed an issue where the Organization Group ID filter in Reports was not returning results.

  • INTEL-6549: Fixed quick searches for connections in automations that were displaying all connections instead of displaying matched connections.

  • INTEL-7482: Fixed an issue with historical bar charts where multiple groupings were being used.

  • INTEL-7663: Fixed an issue where where the Reports list view filter breaks with Internet Explorer 11.

  • INTEL-7756: Fixed the display of the the Connections icon on the Insights page when viewed with Internet Explorer 11.

  • INTEL-7826: Fixed the alignment of chart titles and chart types in the Add and Edit Widgets.

  • INTEL-7854: Fixed an issue where historical data does not populate when switching from the snapshot view to the historical view.

  • INTEL-7909: Fixed an issue where the Insights page was not displaying the correct summary values from the Security Risk Dashboards page.  

  • INTEL-7934: Fixed an issue where the Downloads tab to Reports was removed so you can download Reports that have been run without a schedule.

  • INTEL-7948: Fixed an issue where the display of results do not default to the top of the results list after you run a search on a filter.

  • INTEL-7995: Fixed an issue on the Insights page where the Last Run Report was linked incorrectly.  

  • INTEL-8124: Fixed an issue where the system did not detach the spinner after adding an Automation Connection. 

  • INTEL-8218: Fixed a header issue on the Security Risks Dashboard.