See the Workspace ONE Intelligence release notes for the latest features, bug fixes, and known issues. Use Workspace ONE Intelligence for enterprise mobility management (EMM) planning and automation, to optimize resources, strengthen security and compliance, and to enhance user experience across your environment. ​

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics: ​

New Features

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.12.16

We've added support for Workspace ONE UEM profiles.
Workspace ONE Intelligence now supports reporting, creating dashboards, and triggering automations based on Workspace ONE UEM profiles data for mobile and desktop. You can track the deployment and installation of various device and user profiles for components such as email, Wi-Fi, VPN, certificates, and restrictions.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.12.04

  • Check out the new Report and Dashboard Sharing.
    When you create a dashboard or report, only the user that created it can see the report. Now, you can share a dashboard or a report with other users as read-only. This feature allows an admin to create a list of standard dashboards or reports that all users can use instead of making users create their own in different ways. Using standard dashboards reduces the chance for data inconsistency and confusion across similar users.
  • You can now add users to access the Workspace ONE Intelligence console without having to request access first or having to connect to Microsoft Azure AD. Manually add users by searching the Workspace ONE UEM admin list and assign roles. 

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.11.12

  • Introducing Searchable Actions.
    When defining parameters for an Action in Automation Workflows, you can choose from a list of supported values based on what is configured for your integration. For example, you can select a supported Application Name in Workspace ONE UEM, instead of using its identifier.
  • We've added Workspace ONE UEM Actions to Automation Workflows.
    • Delete Device - Deletes a device record from Workspace ONE UEM.
    • Enterprise Wipe Device - Removes management and corporate settings from an enrolled device.
    • Reprocess Product - Initiates a reprocessing of a Product Provisioning product job by the policy engine. It supports a reprocess action and a force reprocess action.

System Health Status

You can subscribe to VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Status for real-time operational statuses on metrics like uptime, health, and past incidents of the Intelligence service.
  • API Health - The API health metric identifies the ability of users in a specific environment to log in and access the Intelligence UI.
  • Data Ingest Health - The data ingest health metric indicates the ability of the service in a specific environment to accept new, incoming data.

VMware Global Infrastructure

Use the VMware Global Infrastructure interactive map to see where Workspace ONE Intelligence and other Workspace ONE services are hosted.


Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 20.12.16
  • INTEL-25808: Fixed an issue with the loading of a specific template when the admin did not have permissions to use it causing a Failed to load available parameters error message.

  • INTEL-25959: Fixed an issue where service accounts were unable to download or run existing reports that they had previously been able to run. An admin must go to the report and Share with the Service Account(s) granting them permission to run or download the report.

Resolved Issues for 20.12.04
  • We are always working to improve Workspace ONE Intelligence with every release. There are no major bug fixes to report.

Resolved Issues for 20.11.12
  • INTEL-24588: Fixed an issue that occurred on the Sync Status page and would display an Unable to load data message.

  • INTEL-24779: Fixed an issue that prevented editing an Automation from a Manual to Schedule Trigger.

  • INTEL-24828: Fixed an issue in Automation Workflows that caused the DOES NOT INCLUDE operator to evaluate Null and Empty values.

Known Issues

  • We haven't identified any notable known issues. If you have any problems, reach out to our support team.

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