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See the Workspace ONE Intelligence release notes for the latest features, bug fixes, and known issues. Use Workspace ONE Intelligence for enterprise mobility management (EMM) planning and automation, to optimize resources, strengthen security and compliance, and to enhance user experience across your environment. ​

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics: ​

New Features

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.08.12

 ​In this release, we’ve made a few updates containing general quality and performance improvements with no new features.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.08.05

  • Check Point SandBlast is now integrated in Workspace ONE Trust Network.
    We’ve collaborated with Check Point - key Trust Network partner - to integrate Check Point SandBlast Mobile with Workspace ONE Intelligence. Once the integration is authorized for a tenant, threat intelligence data and security events from Check Point SandBlast Mobile will be ingested into Workspace ONE Intelligence and will be available for dashboards and for automation.
  • Introducing Anomalous Alert Activity risk indicator based on Carbon Black data.
    Use the Anomalous Alert Activity risk indicator to identify devices that produce an unusual number, type, or severity of security alerts. Find this indicator, along with other risk indicators on the Security Risk Dashboard > Devices tab. This indicator requires the use of Carbon Black Endpoint Standard as your EPP (endpoint protection platform).

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.07.29

In this release, we’ve made a few updates containing general quality and performance improvements with no new features.

System Health Status

You can subscribe to VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Status for real-time operational statuses on metrics like uptime, health, and past incidents of the Intelligence service.
  • API Health - The API health metric identifies the ability of users in a specific environment to log in and access the Intelligence UI.
  • Data Ingest Health - The data ingest health metric indicates the ability of the service in a specific environment to accept new, incoming data.

VMware Global Infrastructure

Use the VMware Global Infrastructure interactive map to see where Workspace ONE Intelligence and other Workspace ONE services are hosted.

Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 20.08.12
  • INTEL-22458: Fixed an issue that prevented text wrapping in the Results box of the Automation Test action.

Resolved Issues for 20.08.05
  • We are always working to improve Workspace ONE Intelligence with every release. There are no major bug fixes to report.

Resolved Issues for 20.07.29
  • INTEL-19919: Fixed an issue where card headers within the preview of an Automation were not aligned correctly.

  • INTEL-21286: Fixed an issue with the contrast ratio that is displayed below time zone text in the UI.

  • INTEL-21287: Defined the roles for the Name your dashboard and the Add description (optional) controls in Custom Dashboards.

  • INTEL-21344: Fixed an issue in the Workspace ONE UEM > Install Profile dialog box by tagging the Profile ID menu item as required.

  • INTEL-21373: Fixed an issue in the UI by tagging the fields Measure and Results per group as required.

  • INTEL-21395: Fixed an issue with the contrast ratio for the Deauthorize menu item in Automations

  • INTEL-21396: Ensured that all menu items that are required to complete an Automation Connection are marked as required.

Known Issues

  • We haven't identified any notable known issues. If you have any problems, reach out to our support team.