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VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Release Notes

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence | 03 APR 2019 | Build 190403

Check for additions and updates to these release notes.

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

New Features


  • Select multiple schedules and edit, copy, and delete single schedules from the Schedules page.
  • Updated the Insights page with Custom Dashboard information.


  • Share Reports with non-Workspace ONE UEM admins.
  • Added a new dashboard workflow to support the updated My Dashboard page.


Added support for multiple custom dashboard creation.

  • All existing widgets created under My Dashboard are now available under Default Dashboard.
  • Create separate dashboard(s) targeted to solve specific use cases that meet your business criteria. For example, create dashboards to monitor device usage and adoption, device health, device utilization, popular apps, and many more depending on your business needs.
  • Add widgets on these dashboards from pre-configured templates or create from scratch within available categories.


There are no new features for 19.03.06. See resolved issues.


There are no new features for 19.02.27. See resolved issues.

System Health Status

You can subscribe to the Workspace ONE Intelligence system health status at This page shows real-time operational status on metrics like uptime, health, and past incidents of the Intelligence service.

Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 19.04.03
  • INTEL-10169: In Dashboards, updated the icon associating with editing filters in the top right corner.

  • INTEL-10223: Fixed an issue to include better troubleshooting abilities if there are automations run against any device found in an "excludes" filter.

  • INTEL-10825: Fixed an issue so that after creating a report, you are directed back to the Reports list view, with the list sorted newest to oldest.

  • INTEL-10963: Updated the hover text from "Go Full Screen" to "Exit Full Screen" when the user has drilled down on a widget and entered full screen.

  • INTEL-10980: Fixed an issue with incorrect widget heights displaying in Chrome 73.

  • INTEL-11126: Fixed an issue with Dashboards in expanded view that did not display long strings correctly.

Resolved Issues for 19.03.27
  • INTEL-9620: Fixed an issue where table widgets on dashboards did not resize.

  • INTEL-10646: Set the custom dashboard to default to a custom layout mode so you can add and place a widget to the custom dashboard before you save.

  • INTEL-10829: Fixed an issue where the Actions and Report names disappeared after you enabled Link Sharing from the Details View.

  • INTEL-10980: Fixed an issue where widget heights displayed incorrectly in Chrome 73.

Resolved Issues for 19.03.14
  • INTEL-10564: Fixed an issue where the link to setup VMware Identity Manager navigated to the Intelligence homepage instead of the VMware Identity Manager configuration settings.

  • INTEL-10651: Fixed an issue where resizing widgets did not resized the corresponding charts properly.

  • INTEL-10659: Fixed an issue where the system did not refresh data in widgets after admins edited and saved data.

Resolved Issues for 19.03.06
  • INTEL-10442: Fixed an issue where an automation action briefly displayed as invalid before processing.

  • INTEL-10516: Fixed an issue where the act of selecting menu items in widgets resulted in errors.

Resolved Issues for 19.02.27
  • INTEL-9889: Added two reports templates for common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE): All Devices with CVE Vulnerability and Devices Vulnerable to High CVE's (CVSS >= 7).

  • INTEL-10199: Fixed an issue with the OS Updates report, All-Devices-with-CVE-Vulnerability, where adding a report displayed rows without CVE IDs or CVSS scores.

  • INTEL-10394: Updated the CVE Report templates to reflect the CVSS high vulnerability score of CVSS >= 7.

  • INTEL-10420: Fixed an issue where the timeout session of the Intelligence console logged admins off the Workspace ONE UEM console. 

  • INTEL-10472: Increased the session timeout of the Intelligence console from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.