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See the Workspace ONE Intelligence release notes for the latest features, bug fixes, and known issues. Use Workspace ONE Intelligence for enterprise mobility management (EMM) planning and automation, to optimize resources, strengthen security and compliance, and to enhance user experience across your environment.

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

New Features

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.05.20

Zimperium is now integrated in the Workspace ONE Trust Network.
Utilizing the newly announced Trust Network Ingest API, we’ve collaborated with Zimperium - key Trust Network partner - to integrate their Mobile Threat Defense product with Workspace ONE Intelligence. Once the integration is authorized for a tenant, threat intelligence data and security events from Zimperium will be ingested into Workspace ONE Intelligence and will be available for dashboards and for automation.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.05.06

  • You can now download the aggregated data for all feature charts in CSV format..
  • We've updated the Date Range functionality, used to build widgets, to function similar to the Any operator within filters.
  • There's a new Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector now available. Leverage it for better performance on data import and added data points on device tags and users attributes.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 20.04.29

Additional app report templates are now available.
Managed App Install Failures and Managed Apps Install Rejected templates allow administrators to track app installation failures and app installation rejections. The Android Device Launcher Status template helps track devices with the Launcher app installed and their corresponding app statuses.

System Health Status

You can subscribe to VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence Status for real-time operational statuses on metrics like uptime, health, and past incidents of the Intelligence service.

  • API Health - The API health metric identifies the ability of users in a specific environment to log in and access the Intelligence UI.
  • Data Ingest Health - The data ingest health metric indicates the ability of the service in a specific environment to accept new, incoming data.

VMware Global Infrastructure

Use the VMware Global Infrastructure interactive map to see where Workspace ONE Intelligence and other Workspace ONE services are hosted.

Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 20.05.20
  • INTEL-19118: Fixed an issue where some Android stack traces were not getting de-obfuscated completely.

  • INTEL-20073: Fixed an issue with the display of vertical dimensions in dashboards widgets.

  • INTEL-20255: Fixed an issue with Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK apps for iOS not registering and resulting in error.

Resolved Issues for 20.05.06
  • INTEL-19814: Fixed an issue where Quick Filters were not performing as designed after a dashboard was bookmarked.

  • INTEL-19849: Fixed an issue where breadcrumbs were not displayed when a user flow row was expanded.

Resolved Issues for 20.04.29
  • INTEL-12230: Fixed an issue that prevented the use of brackets ("[ ]") in Automation filters.

  • INTEL-19294: Removed certain filters from Sensor categories listed under the Other sub-category that do not report any data.

Known Issues

  • We haven't identified any notable known issues in this release. If you have any problems, reach out to our support team.