See the Workspace ONE Intelligence release notes for the latest features, bug fixes, and known issues. Use Workspace ONE Intelligence for enterprise mobility management (EMM) planning and automation, to optimize resources, strengthen security and compliance, and to enhance user experience across your environment.

New Features

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 21.09.15

In this release, we’ve made a few updates containing general quality and performance improvements with no new features.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 21.09.01

Use the new global filters in your custom dashboards. Global filters include filters for Workspace ONE UEM organization groups and organization names.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 21.08.24

  • We've added the Users tab for mobile apps using Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK.
    If you've set user names in the app details page, you can now view your complete list of users and get a summary for each user. Refer to our SDK documentation on how to set user names. For every user and associated device, you can track the following:
    • Errors users have experienced (crashes, network errors, handled exceptions)
    • User flow data 
    • App usage 
  • Workspace ONE Intelligence no longer supports viewing the console in Internet Explorer 11.
  • You can now search through Workspace ONE Intelligence data by creating nested filter conditions with each condition separated by an AND or an OR clause. This feature is supported across report, widget, and automation building flows. The system allows up to 3 nested levels and a total of 10 conditions for every filter query.  

Workspace ONE Status

You can subscribe to Workspace ONE Status for real-time operational statuses of Workspace ONE environments. Check this page for scheduled maintenance and past incidences.

VMware Global Infrastructure

Use the VMware Global Infrastructure interactive map to see where Workspace ONE Intelligence and other Workspace ONE services are hosted.


Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 21.09.15
  • INTEL-32725: Resolved an issue preventing the creation of an Automation Workflow from a widget.

Resolved Issues for 21.09.01
  • We are always working to improve Workspace ONE Intelligence with every release. There are no major bug fixes to report.​

Resolved Issues for 21.08.24
  • INTEL-32539: Fixed an issue that caused the UI to become unresponsive when editing Scheduled Workflow types in Automations.

Known Issues

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