See the Workspace ONE Intelligence release notes for the latest features, bug fixes, and known issues. Use Workspace ONE Intelligence for enterprise mobility management (EMM) planning and automation, to optimize resources, strengthen security and compliance, and to enhance user experience across your environment.

New Features

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 21.10.20

You can now sort objects in DEEM dashboards by impact.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 21.10.12

  • We've added information about location and user groups to the User Experience score in DEEM.
  • You can now open and close bulk objects in the DEEM Incidents list view.
  • We've added treemap visualizations to Dashboards.

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence 21.09.29

  • We now support mobile app performance monitoring for mobile apps using Cordova.
    In addition to the existing Workspace ONE Intelligence SDK support for native iOS and Android, we now support a Cordova plugin. After you set up, you can see plugin exceptions along with native errors and usage data in the Workspace ONE Intelligence console for your app. You can find more details regarding the plugin in our SDK guide.
  • Transferring ownership of objects (dashboards and reports) is now in general release. 
    Maintain object management in Workspace ONE Intelligence with this feature when colleagues leave the company. 

Workspace ONE Status

You can subscribe to Workspace ONE Status for real-time operational statuses of Workspace ONE environments. Check this page for scheduled maintenance and past incidences.

VMware Global Infrastructure

Use the VMware Global Infrastructure interactive map to see where Workspace ONE Intelligence and other Workspace ONE services are hosted.


Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

Resolved Issues for 21.10.20
  • INTEL-33665: Fixed an issue with broken or errant links to details in App Errors.

  • INTEL-33784: Fixed an issue in widget editors so that the preview loads even though the title has not yet been defined.

  • INTEL-33911: Fixed an issue where the overall organization and user experience scores were not populating in the DEEM solution.

Resolved Issues for 21.10.12
  • INTEL-33638: Fixed an issue where admins with the Auditor role did not have read access to reports and dashboards.

  • INTEL-33301: Fixed an issue where the suggestions-API failed with a 400 Bad Request error when the Model filter was used.

Resolved Issues for 21.09.29
  • INTEL-32697: Fixed an issue in the App UX Score widget where if a filter was selected with the All operator, not all versions were displaying in the widget.

  • INTEL-32947: Fixed an issue with the DEEM feature where data was not ingesting into the system.

  • INTEL-33334: Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping columns to reorder them was not working.

Known Issues

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