The only way to deactivate the VMware Identity Services integration with a configured identity provider is to delete the directory from your Workspace ONE console. Deleting the directory deletes all provisioned users and groups and deletes the provisioning and identity federation configuration. Deleting a directory is a permanent action that cannot be undone.

When you delete the directory:

  • The directory is deleted from VMware Identity Services and from the Workspace ONE services in which it appears.
  • All the provisioned users and groups are deleted from VMware Identity Services and from Workspace ONE services.
  • The users no longer have access to apps in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app or portal.
  • The integration between VMware Identity Services and your identity provider is deleted.
Caution: If you want to add the directory again, you will have to configure user provisioning and identity federation with your identity provider again.


  • If any authentication methods associated with this directory are used in Workspace ONE Access policies, you must remove them from the policies before deleting the directory.


  1. Log into the Workspace ONE console as an administrator user.
  2. Navigate to Accounts > End User Management.
  3. Click View on the directory card.
  4. Click Delete.
    For example: