After you install and configure the integration processes in Experience Workflows, you can schedule each process to run automatically.

The Scheduler Process page includes more than one component process. Schedule only the [IntegrationPackname] <requested action description> [Workspace ONE] process. You do not schedule the The Workspace ONE approval action or attachment component processes. They are listener processes that automatically run when an action is taken in the notification or when an attachment is added to the notification.

For example, in this screenshot, you set up only the [ServiceNow] Requisition Request Approvals [Workspace ONE] schedule. The other component listed is the listener process.

Screenshot of the ServiceNow Requisition Request Approvals schedule

You can also click RUN NOW to run the process on demand.

Note: The functionality to pass parameters as shown in the gearbox icon on the SCHEDULE/RUN pane is not supported.


  1. In the Hub Services console > Experience Workflows page, select the environment that has the integration pack process to schedule.
  2. In the Installed Integrations page, in the integration pack pane, click SCHEDULE/RUN
  3. In the [IntegrationPackname] <requested action description> [Workspace ONE] box, click SCHEDULE and then click Add a schedule.
  4. Select the days and time to run the process. The time can be set by minute, hour, or day.
    • Minute - Select the interval in minutes, start and end times, and which days to run
    • Hour - Select the interval in hours, start and end times, and which days to run
    • Day - Select the start time and which days to run
  5. If you want to set up another schedule, click Add a schedule and set the next schedule.
  6. Click SAVE.