With the Workspace ONE Experience Workflows Add-On License you can access the Boomi portal to install and run the existing out-of-the-box experience workflows. You can also customize the existing out-of-the-box processes and create new integration processes.

You set up the workflows integration processes in the Boomi portal on the Experience Workflows page in the Hub Services console.

  • To access and configure out-of-the-box integration packs, you use the Boomi Portal administration user interface that is embedded within the Hub Services console to search for, configure, and deploy out-of-the-box experience integration packs.
  • To customize out-of-the-box integration packs or create new integration packs, you add the Boomi AtomSphere web app to the catalog in Workspace ONE Access. You launch AtomSphere to access the Boomi Integration dashboard from the Hub Services console Workspace ONE Experience Workflows page.

The OAuth2 client in Workspace ONE Access with the client ID HubServices_Boomi_Integration is created automatically to establish a connection between Workspace ONE Access and Boomi.