The HubServices_Boomi_Integration OAuth 2 client that is automatically created in Workspace ONE Access is the connection URL used for all Workspace ONE Experience Workflows integration packs that you install to establish a connection between Workspace ONE Access and Boomi. You can reset the OAuth 2 client credentials from the Hub Services console, Experience Workflows page.

Use the Reset option to rotate the existing credentials when your credential reset policy requires that the client secret be changed or if the client secret is compromised.


  1. Navigate to the Hub Services console Experience Workflows page.
  2. After you are logged into the Boomi portal, click VIEW WORKSPACE ONE ACCESS PROPERTIES at the bottom of the page.
    Figure 1. Reset Client ID & Secret Credentials
    Reset Client ID & Secret Credentials on the Experience Workflows Boomi page
  3. In the Reset Client ID & Shared Secret dialog box, to reset the existing credentials, click YES, RESET ID & SECRET.


The clientID and secret code credentials in the OAuth 2 client in the Workspace ONE Access service is reset. The Hub Services Patch Connector, Workspace ONE Hub Services Connector, and Intermediate Data Storage Connector tabs in the Experience Workflows configuration are updated with the new credentials.