VMware Workspace ONE® Experience Workflows™ is a framework built within the Hub Services platform that enables employees to use the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app or Hub portal to connect with different business systems to view information and take appropriate action on them quickly.

Microapps are apps that are designed to perform a specific task, such as approve an expense or submit a ticket. The Workspace ONE Experience Workflows microapps are made available in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and a consistent experience is provided across web, desktop, and mobile devices.

Examples of microapps include the following types of services.

  • Onboarding pre-hires – You connect to your Human Capital Management (HCM ) system to retrieve pre-hire information and send a magic link to pre-hires that they can use to access their digital workspace before their first day of work.
  • Approval requests – Consolidate approval requests from multiple backend business systems and allow users to approve, deny, or take other action from within the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app. Examples of approval requests from business systems include the following.
    • SAP Concur Expense Reports
    • Coupa and ServiceNow Requisition Tickets