Integrating VMware Workspace ONE with Okta provides information about integrating Okta with the VMware Workspace ONE® platform. It describes specific use cases and provides instructions on how to configure VMware Workspace ONE® Access®, the identity component of the Workspace ONE platform which was formerly named VMware Identity Manager™, and Okta to achieve those use cases.

Supported use cases include enabling Workspace ONE login using Okta authentication, adding Okta applications to the Workspace ONE catalog, and enabling device trust and universal SSO across native and web applications.

Recently Released Features

  • Simplified administration of device trust for iOS and Android devices.

    The new device trust solution streamlines the administration of conditional access policies for iOS and Android devices. In previous releases, both an IDP discovery policy in Okta and an authentication policy in Workspace ONE Access was required. Now, device trust and access policies are configured only in the Okta Admin console for iOS and Android devices.

  • Workspace ONE now has the capability to directly include Okta federated applications in the Workspace ONE catalog without first importing them into Workspace ONE Access. This lets you manage federated applications and user entitlements completely from the Okta Admin console.
  • When Okta apps are integrated in the Workspace ONE catalog, the password change capability of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app, Workspace ONE app, and web portal is governed by Okta's password management framework and password policies defined in Okta.
  • End users can now access their apps from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and browser experience, in addition to the Workspace ONE app and portal.

    For information on enabling the Intelligent Hub, see the Workspace ONE Hub Services documentation.

Intended Audience

This information is written for experienced administrators who are familiar with the VMware Workspace ONE platform, Workspace ONE Access, and Okta.

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