When you set up shift-based access control, you can limit access to tabs within the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app or Hub portal when workers are not on shift, while still allowing users to use other tabs such as self-service and support.


  • Shift-based Access Control enabled and configured in the Hub Services console.
  • If users access Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub apps from iOS and Android devices, the source of authentication in Workspace ONE UEM must be set to Workspace ONE Access.

    Workspace ONE UEM is not required to access the Hub portal on the web.

  • iOS devices installed with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app version XXXXX or later.
  • Android devices installed with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app version XXXXXX or later.

In the Hub Services console, you configure templates to customize the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub experience for your workers. To manage access when employees are off work, you configure Restrict access during off-hours in the Hub Services templates to restrict access when users are off shift. The content in the tab is dimmed in the app or Hub portal view.


  1. Log into the Hub Services console and click Templates.
  2. Click ADD TEMPLATE.
  3. Name the template Front-Line Worker Access Control.
  4. Access to Custom, Employee Self-Service, Notifications (For You), and People tabs in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app and Hub portal can be restricted. To restrict access to these tabs when employees are off shift, expand the feature setting row and enable the toggle Restrict access during off-hours.Hub Services template screenshot showing Restrict access during off-hours
  5. On the right side of the Add Template page, click Save and Assign.
  6. Start typing in the Access user group text box to assign the template to the Workspace ONE Access user group that you configured for shift-based access control.

    Screenshot of the Assign template page in Hub Services console.
    Note: You cannot assign a smart group to a template that is used for shift-based access control.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The template is added to the bottom of the list on the Templates page.
  9. Move the Frontline Worker Access Control template to first priority in the Template page list.

For more information about configuring templates in Hub Services console, see Using Templates to Customize the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Experience for Different Users in the Hub Services guide.