Configuring ACC is a simple, but feature limited implementation. You set up a connection to the Active Directory to sync users and groups to the AirWatch directory.


  1. Select the Enterprise Connector & Directory wizard and to install the AirWatch ACC channel, click Skip and complete the ACC directory setup.
  2. In the Directory Setup page, enter the Active Directory server details for ACC.



    Directory Type

    Active Directory is selected.


    Enter the host name or IP address of your directory server. For example, type the host name as

    Encryption Type

    Select the encryption used for directory services communication, None, SSL, or Start TLS.


    Enter the TCP port that is used to communicate with the domain controller. The default port number is 389.

    Protocol Version

    Enter the version of the LDAP protocol that is in use. The version is either 2 or 3. If you are unsure of which protocol version to use, leave the value as 3.

    Bind Authentication Type

    Select the type of bind authentication that is used to enable the AirWatch server to communicate with the domain controller.

    The commonly used value is GSS-NEGOTIATE.

    Bind Username

    Enter the bind account user name to authenticate with the directory server.

    Bind Password

    Enter the bind account password.


    Enter the default domain and server name for the directory-based user account.

  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Test Connection to verify connectivity.

What to do next

For directory service with ACC, go to the System > Enterprise Integration > Directory Services pages to configure users and groups, if not previously configured.

Run the Mobile Single Sign wizard to configure mobile SSO for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.