The Workspace ONE Getting Started wizards guide you through the configuration steps to integrate VMware AirWatch and VMware Identity Manager services to create the Workspace ONE environment.

The Workspace ONE wizard tracks how far along you are in the configuration process. The wizards can be started, paused, restarted later. You can review the configuration and change responses when necessary.

  • Android EMM Registration. The wizard walks you through the steps to register AirWatch as your EMM provider for Android devices with Google.

  • Enterprise Connector & Directory. The wizard walks you through the steps to set up the VMware Enterprise System Connector and configure the Active Directory connection to import users and groups from your company 's directory.

  • Mobile Single Sign-on. The wizard runs through a series of steps to configure all settings for mobile single sign-on to iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.

  • User Portal Branding. The wizard opens the User Portal Branding page in the VMware Identity Manager admin console where you can customize logos, fonts, and background details for the Workspace ONE application.

Figure 1. Workspace ONE Getting Started Wizards

Apple Push Notification service (APNs) is the messaging protocol created by Apple to manage mobile devices. It requires that the MDM provider has a valid APNs certificate configured. Configuring APN is a prerequisite to managing iOS devices. To set up a secure push connection from Apple, see Generating and Renewing an APNS Certificate guide in

To set up auto-discovery, follow the directions in the Auto Discovery configuration page. Configuring auto-discovery is not required to configure and use Workspace ONE.

The Getting Started wizard might alert you if existing, potentially conflicting, configurations are already enable in AirWatch or the VMware Identity Manager service. If this occurs, or the getting started wizard only partially completes the steps, features can be configured manually. The Getting Started Wizard does not replace the ability to configure or edit any individual setting, but significantly automates the initial setup for most customers

Navigate to the Workspace ONE Getting Started Menu

Access the Workspace ONE Getting Started page from the main menu in the AirWatch admin console.

  1. Select your organization group from the Global list.

  2. Click Getting Started in the left navigation pane.

  3. In the Getting Started > Workspace ONE section, click Start Wizard.