Workspace ONE Marketplace

The Workspace ONE Marketplace in Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub provides a rich set of out-of-the-box content for the Workspace ONE admin that include Solutions, Integrations, and Templates . Use these features and services to quickly address endpoint management, user experience, and workspace security use cases.

What does the Marketplace have?

Marketplace is a curated repository that is available to you so you can find useful Workspace ONE features and services in one place, for seamless implementation and quick deployment. Use this content to speed up implementation, explore new use cases and IT tasks, and help simplify complex business processes. You can find Integrations, Solutions, and Templates in Workspace ONE Marketplace.


Integrations provide connectors to authorize Workspace ONE Intelligence to connect and share data with other Workspace ONE services. You can also use Integrations to extend the Workspace ONE solution to your IT ecosystem and to connect with other apps. For example, integrate Intelligence with apps like Slack and ServiceNow to drive more advanced workflows.


Use the links to access content on how to integrate a system.
Available product integrations
Workspace ONE - Data Sources

-Experience Management (Desktop Advanced Telemetry)
-Horizon Cloud
-Unified Access Gateway
-Workspace ONE Access
-Workspace ONE Hub Services
-Workspace ONE UEM
The UI displays available Workspace ONE data sources for you to integrate and use data in your dashboards and reports.
Workspace ONE - Workflow Connectors

-Workspace ONE Hub Services
-Workspace ONE Intelligence
-Workspace ONE UEM
Select from several native workflow connectors to help configure your Freestyle Orchestrator workflows
Third-party - Data Sources

-Trust Network
You must register a workflow connector before you can use its actions in workflows.
Third-party - Workflow Connectors

-Slack Web API
Use third-party actions in your Freestyle Orchestrator workflows.


Solutions provide a suite of features such as unified workflows, cross-service insights, and meaningful dashboards that you can use to automate endpoint configurations and elevate Digital Employee Experience.

  • With the Experience Management Solution, use actionable data and analytics about apps, operating system stability, and key performance indicators to enhance the digital employee experience.
  • Use the Vulnerability Management Solution to monitor critical insights on vulnerability dashboards, automate patching for newly detected vulnerabilities, and track progress toward meeting patching SLAs.


Templates are ready-to-use reports, dashboards, widgets, workflows, and scripts samples curated for your business requirements. Browse through these templates and deploy them easily with one click to speed up your Workspace ONE adoption.

Available templates

  • Dashboards: These collections of common dashboard widgets allow the consolidation of relevant visualizations for an entire use case in one central location.
    • Dashboard templates help you get quick visibility into use cases such as device deployment, mobile security, and front line user experience.
    • Use these templates as a starting point to easily customize dashboards to your unique deployment need.
  • Widgets: Choose from popular widgets to populate custom dashboards. Examples include lists of users with the most enrolled devices, breakdowns of Android device battery health by org group, and counts of Windows devices by OS version.
  • Reports: You can deploy popular reports at the click of a button. Select templates that include storage capacity details, Windows devices with CVE vulnerability, and Android devices with security patch details.
  • Workflows: Powerful workflows automate IT tasks, and you can edit them based on your specific business needs and requirements. For details about workflows and Freestyle Orchestrator in Intelligence, see Freestyle Orchestrator.
  • Sensors and Scripts: Powerful sensors and scripts provide fine-tuned, system-level controls and remediation codes for your desktop deployments. Discover sensors and scripts templates in the Marketplace designed for Workspace ONE UEM desktop management use cases.

How do you work with templates?

You can search for a specific template and add filters to find a template in the Marketplace. For all templates, you can preview it and add it to your Workspace. You can even deploy certain templates, like scripts and sensors.

Use any action in the Dashboard templates to help you find templates for your environment. Preview them before you add them to your Workspace.

  1. In the Workspace ONE Cloud Admin Hub, go to Marketplace > Templates and select a template type.
  2. (Optional) Use the Search text field to enter key words to find a template.
  3. (Optional) Use the filters to narrow your search for a template.
  4. Select a template and then choose to Preview the template to view its details to ensure it meets your use case.
  5. If you like the preview, select Add To Workspace to use the template. If the template does not have what you need, arrow out of the preview.
    • For Widgets
      • When you add a widget to the Workspace, the system adds it to a dashboard.
      • You can add the widget to a new dashboard or add it to an existing dashboard. Add widgets to a new or existing dashboard to see it in your Workspace.
  6. You can edit a template after you add it to your Workspace.
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