You can configure when a floppy drive is connected to a virtual machine, whether to use a specific drive or allow Workstation Player to detect a drive, and whether to use an disk drive image file instead of a physical drive.

To configure floppy drive settings for a selected virtual machine, select Virtual Machine > Virtual Machine Settings, click the Hardware tab, and select the floppy drive.

Table 1. Floppy Drive Settings




Connect the drive or floppy image file while the virtual machine is running.

Connect at power on

Connect the floppy drive when you power on the virtual machine.

Use a physical drive

Select a specific floppy drive or select Auto detect to allow Workstation Player to detect a drive to use.

Use a floppy image file

Create or browse to a floppy image (.img or .flp) file. Select Read only to prevent changes from being made to the file.

To disable or enable access to a floppy drive while a virtual machine is running, select the virtual machine, select Virtual Machine > Removable Devices > Floppy, and select Disconnect or Connect.