You can use command line installation options to install Workstation Player on a Linux host system.

To use the installation options, you must be logged in as root. Exit from the root account after the installation is finished.

Table 1. Linux Command Line Installation Options




Enables you to use the terminal for installation.


Use this option to customize the locations of the installation directories.


Opens the GUI-based VMware installer, which is the default option.

--ignore-errors or -I

Allows the installation to continue even if there is an error in one of the installer scripts. Because the section that has an error does not complete, the component might not be properly configured


Shows installation questions that have not been answered before or are required. This is the default option.


Shows the license agreement only and then proceeds to install Workstation Player.

--set-setting vmware-installer installShortcuts yes | no

Adds shortcuts when Workstation Player is installed. The default is yes.

--set-setting vmware-installer libdir lib_path

The libdir parameter instructs the installer where to place product-specific data files, such as libraries and internal icons. The installer places product files in $libdir/vmware and $libdirvmware-installer. The default is /usr/lib.

--set-setting vmware-installer prefix /usr/local

Installs executable files you run directly (ex: vmware, vmplayer, vmware-networks, etc.) here. Remainder of the product distributed under libdir-derived paths. The default is /usr ​.

--set-setting vmware-player serialNumber xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Lets you enter the license key when Workstation Player is installed. Enter the license key with hyphens, for example, xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.

--set-setting vmware-player-app simplifiedUI yes|no

Turn on or off certain UI features of Workstation Player. The default is no.

--set-setting vmware-player-app softwareUpdateEnabled yes|no

Enables automatic upgrades for Workstation Player when a new build becomes available.

--set-setting vmware-player-app softwareUpdateURL https://url/

Specifies a custom URL for managing software updates (separate from

--set-setting vmware-player-app supportURL https://url/

Set a support URL or email alias specifically for your users to contact with product issues through the Help menu.