You must perform certain preparation tasks on the Windows or Linux host system to use 3D accelerated graphics in a virtual machine.


  • Verify that the host has a video card that supports accelerated OpenGL 2.0 if you are using DirectX 9, or OpenGL 3.3 if you are using DirectX 10.

    The VMware guest operating system OpenGL driver for Windows and Linux supports the OpenGL 3.3 core profile only. The OpenGL3.3 compatibility profile is not supported.


  1. Upgrade the video drivers on the host system to the latest versions.

    ATI Graphics drivers are available from the AMD Web site. NVIDIA drivers are available from the NVIDIA Web site.

  2. Run commands to test the host for compatibility.
    1. Verify that direct rendering is enabled.

      glxinfo | grep direct

    2. Verify that 3D applications work.