When you enable automatic software updates, you are always aware of the latest releases from VMware.

By keeping your software up-to-date, you can take advantage of new product features and performance improvements, ensure that your system includes the latest patches, and obtain timely support for new guest operating systems. You can enable the automatic software update feature when you install Workstation Player or by configuring Workstation Player preference settings. You can disable the feature at any time.

To determine if software updates are available, the VMware software updates feature securely sends the following anonymous information to VMware.

  • A universal unique identifier (UUID), which it uses to identify each individual system
  • The product name, the product version, and the build number
  • Your host operating system name, version, and the locale setting

The VMware software updates feature does not collect any personal data, such as your name, address, telephone number, or mail address. Your product license key and MAC address are not sent to VMware, and VMware does not store your IP address with the data that it receives from you.

VMware might use the information it receives from the software update feature for product planning purposes. VMware limits access to your data and uses industry-standard controls to protect your information, including physical access controls, Internet firewalls, intrusion detection, and network monitoring.

The information collected by the VMware software updates feature is handled in accordance with VMware Privacy Policy.