You can create a shortcut for a virtual machine application on the host system in Unity mode.

You open the application in the same way that you open an application on the host system. You can open a virtual machine application shortcut from the host system even when the virtual machine is powered off or suspended.


  • Verify that the virtual machine is configured to display the virtual machine Start or Application menu on the host system desktop. See Set Preferences for Unity Mode.

  • Verify that the latest version of VMware Tools is running in the guest operating system.

  • Power on the virtual machine.


  1. To enter Unity mode, select Player > Unity.

    The console view in the Workstation Player window is hidden, and open applications appear in application windows on the host system desktop. A check mark appears next to Unity in the menu.

  2. Point to the Start button to display the virtual machine Start menu on the host system desktop, click the Start menu, and select the application.
  3. Right-click the application and select Create Shortcut on Desktop, or drag the application to the host system.