In full screen mode, the virtual machine display fills the screen, so that you cannot see the borders of the Workstation Player window.


  • Power on the virtual machine.

  • Verify that the guest operating system display mode is larger than the host system display mode. If the guest operating system display mode is smaller than the host system display mode, you might not be able to enter full screen mode. If you cannot enter full screen mode, add the line mks.maxRefreshRate=1000 to the virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file.

  • Verify that the latest version of VMware Tools is installed in the guest operating system.

  • If you are running the virtual machine in full screen mode on a laptop, configure the guest operating system to report battery information. See Report Battery Information in the Guest.


  • To enter full screen mode, select the virtual machine and select Player > Full Screen.
  • To hide the full screen toolbar and menus while you are using full screen mode, click the push pin icon and move the pointer off of the toolbar.

    This action unpins the toolbar. The toolbar slides up to the top of the monitor and disappears. To display the toolbar again, point to the top of the screen until the toolbar appears.

  • To exit full screen mode and return to windowed mode, select Player > Full Screen from the full screen toolbar. The check mark next to Full Screen is removed.