You install Workstation Player on a Windows machine by running the installation wizard.


  • Verify that your Windows machine meets the host system requirements. See Host System Requirements for Workstation Player.
  • Download the Workstation Player installer file to your Windows machine. You can obtain the Workstation Player installer file from the VMware Web site.
  • If you are installing the purchased version of Workstation Player, verify that you have a license key.

You can use Workstation Player free of charge for non-commercial use. When you use Workstation Player for the first time, you can enter your email address and use it free of charge, or you can enter your purchased license key to use Workstation Player and have access to additional features.


  1. On your Windows machine, double-click the Workstation Player installer file.
    The installer filename is similar to VMware-player-xxxx-xxxx.exe, where xxxx-xxxx is the version and build numbers.
  2. Follow the prompts to finish the installation.
  3. (Optional) To activate Workstation Player features, start Workstation Player and enter your license key.
    1. Double-click the Workstation Player icon or select Start > All Programs VMware Player to start Workstation Player.
    2. Select Enter a license key to allow commercial use:.
    3. Type your license key and click Continue.