VMware Workstation Player REST API allow you to interact programmatically with the core VMware hypervisor and virtual machines.

Overview of Workstation Player REST API

You can send standard GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE requests through HTTP and HTTPS to control configuration and deployment options. For example, you can use VMware Workstation Player REST API to perform power operations. You can perform network-related operations, such as to create and update virtual NIC configurations and to retrieve IP addresses from the virtual machine. You can also configure shared folders. Response payloads are delivered in JSON format.

Workstation Player REST API Considerations

Keep the following considerations in mind when using the Workstation Player REST API.

  • The Workstation Player REST API service depends on the vmrest process.
  • The vmrest service runs as the user who starts it. For example, as administrator, you can use a terminal window to start the vmrest service.